Department of Business Administration

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The business department is known as a specialty that reflects processes, activities, tasks, and things that regulate businesses of all kinds such as the business of companies, institutions, and organizations. These work include oversight, planning, organization, and follow-up. This specialty provides your students with a lot of information in many areas, such as marketing, management, finance, human resources, and accounting. This is a positive point because it helps students identify The specialty they wish to study if they want to obtain a master’s degree, or a doctorate in business administration. Business specialization materials: – Corporate governance. – Human resources management. – Quality management. – Customer service management. – Sales management. – Negotiating skills. – Financial management and accounting.

who should attend?

Employees in the management of sectors in enterprises

Human resources and development workers in all organizations

Those wishing to work in the field of business administration in private and public bodies

Those wishing to qualify themselves for corporate leadership positions



The program aims to:

Introducing participants to the concept of business management, principles and basic knowledge in this field

Preparing participants and qualifying them to manage companies and institutions using modern methods and techniques

Hone the skills of managers to manage their organizations with high professionalism to achieve the best results

Preparing individuals to run their own projects

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Corporate Governance
A set of systems and programs that work together to cover the needs of Factories and companies of these systems are self-contained systems, permanence, warehouses and sales. The main themes of this article are: • Setting company standards. • Pay attention to the client’s expectations. • How to plan well to manage the company. • The right marketing strategy.

Human resources management
Human resources management can be considered one of the most important administrative processes in the organization as it takes care of the human element that carries out all its activities and projects. The most important topics that we will address in this article: • Management understanding. Human resources planning. The importance and objectives of human resources management.

Quality management
Quality management can be defined as the ongoing effort of both management and staff in the organization, to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction to the organization for a long period of time. The most important topics we will discuss in this article: • Quality management principles. • The benefits of applying quality management. • The concept of comprehensive quality management.

Customer Service Management
This approach analyzes customer history data with the company in order to improve the best business relationships with customers, with a particular focus on customer retention, for sales growth. Our interlocutors in this article are: • Customer search strategy. • Dealing with customers and finding solutions to their problems. • Customer relationship management in banks. • The organizational structure of customer service management.

Managing production processes and developing industrial processes
– Sales Management: Sales management is an important part of the business cycle of the enterprise whether you are selling a service or a product, sales managers are responsible for leading the sales forces, setting goals for the team, planning and controlling the entire process and ultimately ensuring the implementation of the team’s vision. The main themes of this article: • The functions and skills of the sales manager. • How to succeed in running a business. • The importance of the sales management department. • Sales traffic reports.

Negotiating skills
Understanding this skill is the first step to becoming a better negotiator. Negotiations are one of the most common and important professional aspects and the machine of their work must be understood and developed. Important topics in this article: • Effective communication skills. • Persuasion skills. • Planning. • Aphoristhinking.

Financial management and accounting
Accounting and financial management is the main nerve of managing the organizations and ensuring that they can continue and achieve their desired objectives in the short and long term together. It helps institutions verify their financial position. So we’ll study this article together through these themes: • Basic financial statements (income list, balance sheet, cash flow list) The most common financial analysis tools such as ratios and financial indicators. Investment instruments in financial markets. • Sound monetary management. Areas of work in this field: • Production manager. • Sales manager. • Logistics Manager. • Human Resources Manager. • Marketing Manager. • CFO. • Operations Manager.

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