Department of Crisis Management

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The specialization of Crisis management is prepared for what may not happen and dealing with what has happened. It is no secret to follow the course of events, especially political ones, the role of crises of all kinds in the history of peoples and societies, whether.

who should attend?

Staff in embassies and diplomatic institutions

Employees in public relations departments in companies and institutions

Presidents and members of political parties

Those wishing to join politics and wishing to work in international organizations and holding leadership positions in the political field

Who wants to develop his skills and enter the field of political science and crisis management


The program aims to:

Introducing participants to political systems, functions and objectives

Preparing specialized cadres to work in political affairs and crisis management

Develop ing the skills of participants in crisis management, types and specialties

Enabling the recipient to think and analyze the field of political science and correctunderstanding of political events and their implications

Develop participants’ capabilities to meet potential challenges when dealing with political events

Developing the competence of participants to work in international o rganizations

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محتوى الدورة

The first unit
the crisis, its characteristics, types, the different causes of crises, the difference between crisis management and management during crises.

The second unit
studies different versions of the crisis life cycle, focusing on the five-stage model and the three-stage models.

The third unit
studies the material, human, technical and management subjects to manage the crisis.

Fourth unit
Discussing the role of information in facing crises.

Module Five
Tradition and Modern Crisis Management.

Unit Six
Characteristics of crisis leadership and the different roles that a crisis leader plays.

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