Department of Integrated Quality Management System

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It is necessary to have an integrated management system that manages your organization, and deals with all your goals at the same time, as quality is a common standard and denominator of products and services, maintaining high standards faces difficult challenges in the business world, and organizations are looking to apply integrated quality management to be used in the development and improvement of their businesses. That’s why we designed this program to learn with us everything you need about integrated management systems, how organizations and companies maintain these systems, and how to integrate quality management into your organization’s operations.

who should attend?

This program is suitable for you if you:
– Quality Manager, CEO of the foundation or company, general manager, or chief financial officer
– Responsible for implementing and integrating quality management practices into the organization
– You have interest in this field and want real support for you to apply for a job in this field


The program aims to:
– Preparing students to be competent managers seeking constant and continuous development in their institutions
– Applying the organization’s integrated quality management practices and identifying the best of these practices, to excellence in the delivery of its business and services
– Preparing students to be able to use the latest metrics compatible with business strategy and objectives
– Introducing students to the concepts of using ISO 2015/9001 to develop quality, and the concept of Sigma6

رؤية المزيد

محتوى الدورة

Axis 1: Introduction to Quality and Quality Assurance
– What quality – Quality standards in the organization – Quality assessment methods – Continuous quality improvement and quality assurance skills training

Axis 2: Comprehensive Quality Management in your organization or company
– The concept and principles of comprehensive quality management – Creating and managing quality – Comprehensive quality management tasks – Marketing strategies for services and products – Comprehensive quality applications – Measure and improve quality performance

Axis 3: Comprehensive Quality Systems and Enterprise Information Management
– Quality system standards – Concepts of using ISO 9001/2015 to develop quality – Sigma6 concept and its relationship to quality

Axis 4: Application of comprehensive quality management
– Barriers to the application of comprehensive quality management – Determining the stages of application of comprehensive quality management – Quality indicators – Comprehensive quality management applications in the Arab and international world – Application on ISO 9001/2015

Axis 5: Quality Assessment
– Quality measurement – Quality assessment of the performance of the organization or company – Analysis of customer satisfaction and its role in improving quality – Study and analysis of quality costs

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